Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bailey's Story: 100 Acts of Kindness

Bailey Sloan is a wonderful 8 year old boy from Barry who recently carried out 100 acts of kindness in his local area. His inspirational work led him to being nominated for the Barry Rotary's Young Citizen Award in which Bailey was awarded £500 to go to a charity of his choice. Bailey donated £250 to Llamau and the other £250 to us here at Cats Protection!

We were delighted to have Bailey come and present the cheque to us in person, he even wrote a story about the time he spent here at the centre which we would love to share with you:
Bailey's Story

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bailey.  He won a Rotary Young Citizen Award.  He went to Cats Protection.  He saw some cats and held a kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he met the Mayor and the Mayoress,  he had a centre tour and got a goody bag!!!!  In the goody bag was 2 calendars, a frame and a pen and more.

The cats protection got £250 in a cheque as part of Bailey's prize for winning the Rotary Young Citizen award.

There are really wonderful people and unpaid volunteers that work at Cats Protection.
If you adopt a cat the cat loves you and has soft fur for you to stroke.  They are so, so, so wonderful.

I have three cats called Mog, Pink Love Heart and Ginger Beauty.  Moggy is a cat with black and white fur and she has a wonderful meow.  I get lots of strokes from Moggy every time she greets me when I come home.  Pink love heart gives us lots of love too and Ginger Beauty looks adorable when he's eating his food.

Bailey and his cats lived happy ever after.  If you adopt a cat, you and your cat can live happily ever after too!

Thankyou Bailey and we wish you well on your next 100 acts of kindness! Come back soon :)