Saturday, 23 July 2016

Cats as Mousers!

Outdoor cats offer an environmentally friendly rodent control service to stables, farms, garden centres, small holdings, factories, an alternative to using chemical pesticides. 

Mama & Cardigan, mother and son semi feral cats in our care looking for jobs as mousers

Feral/Semi feral cats: these are cats and older kittens born outside who have had little or no socialisation with people.  Whilst the best way to deal with these cats is to trap, neuter and return to site, there are occasions when this isn’t possible due to safety concerns for the cats or as a result of inner city and rural development making the site no longer suitable for the cats.  Feral/semi feral cats do not crave affection or attention and are perfectly happy to go about their ‘jobs’ as mousers. They are relocated to a suitable environment where they can thriveand work hard doing what they like best. Kittens 8 weeks and under can often be successfully socialised to people, and are rehomed in a normal home environment.  
Alert and watchful on the job! 
Friendly outdoor cats: these cats need to be homed outdoors for a variety of reasons.  They are either friendly, temperamental cats who are independent. They prefer the outdoor life but like to have human attention on their own terms or friendly cats which have inappropriate toileting behaviour which we have been unable to resolve behaviour therapy.  Cats from multi-cat households often have very poor socialisation and whilst they like to be around people, they shy away from human touch preferring to just be in the presence of people.  
Outdoor cats need regular feeding, water, & shelter
Contrary to popular belief, regularly fed outdoor cats are better hunters then hungry ones so outdoor cats need  two square meals a day, as well as water, shelter, somewhere dry to sleep, regular worming treatment and veterinary care when needed Like all of our cats, our ‘workers’ have been blood tested for FIV & FeLV viruses, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health checked so you can adopt with confidence. We have several outdoor cats looking for employment, so if you have a vacancy please get in touch today!  You can contact us on 01656 724396 or email
Purrs for now!