Thursday, 20 October 2016

National Black Cat Day 2016

October has always been a spooky season what with the huge build up to the 31st when everybody celebrates the creepiest day of the year - Halloween! Black cats have always been tied into Halloween, most commonly known as Witches pets or 'bad omens' should one appear before you but Cats Protection want to dispel those myths and host a whole day dedicated to our beautiful, black, furry friends - October 27th is National Black Cat Day!

McKenzie - currently up for adoption.

Black and black & white cats are generally over-looked in favour of all other colour cats and it often takes them a lot longer to get homed than say a tabby or ginger cat. There are many myths and legends about black cats which could be one of the many reasons they seem to be left until last to find their forever homes.

Here are a few of the myths as to why black cats seem to find it hard getting a home:

  • They are associated with witches (even that they ARE witches transformed)
  • A black cat crossing your path means misfortune
  • They are hard to tell apart from neighbouring cats
  • They don't take good photographs (especially selfies)
  • They are unlucky.

Bane - currently up for adoption.

However in many other cultures and folklores black cats are considered to be very lucky symbols:

  • In Japan black cats are seen as very good luck - especially to single women!
  • In Scotland a black cat sat on your doorstep is a sign of future prosperity
  • In Ancient Egypt the Goddess Bast/Bastet took the form of a black cat and bought good fortune.

Here at Bridgend Cats Protection adoption centre we are hosting our special Black Cat Awareness Day on Saturday 22nd October (11am - 3pm) where we focus all the attention on our gorgeous black cats who are often overlooked. We will be hosting a fete day at the centre that will include a raffle, Harry Potter themed stalls, competitions and much more. Lots of fun for all ages - so come down and meet all of our black beauties and take a look around our centre :)

Hope to see you there!