Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Day in the Life of a Cat Care Volunteer

My name is Rachel and I am a volunteer cat carer at the Cats Protection centre in Bridgend. I have been volunteering for approximately six months and do so on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

My role comprises of cleaning the pens, ensuring that the cats have clean water and the cleaning of equipment. When all the necessary tasks are completed, I have my 'special time' with the cats, providing them with affection and encouraging them to play. This activity, whilst being pleasant for both myself and the cats, helps the cats to become more sociable and accustomed to human contact. In order to gain increased knowledge, I also spend time in the admissions area, where the cats which have been brought in needing care and homing, are processed. As a volunteer, I cannot participate in this procedure, but I find all aspects of the work of the Cats Protection centre, to be interesting and informative.

My time spent at the centre is always enjoyable and brings a variety of situations and events that require prompt action. Knowing that cats who were once in poor condition and in dire need of food, shelter and veterinary assistance, have finally found a loving home, is the best possible outcome and a truly rewarding experience. The staff and other volunteers have made me welcome, our little team works well together and we are all of one mind, the welfare and adoption is always our top priority.
The Cats Protection centre fundraises regularly throughout the year and I participate in these events and am frequently delighted when significant amounts of money are raised. The centre also hosts Fun Days which incorporate a theme, for example, Black Cat Day. Incidentally, when black cats become available for adoption, they can often be the least popular. Open days such as a black cat day promotes their homing suitability during a pleasant fun day proves advantageous to the black cats and provides a great day for staff, volunteers and visitors.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact the centre via email or telephone :)