Friday, 6 January 2017

Katie Button: A Tribute to our Friend.

On the 17th on December 2016 we here at Bridgend so sadly and suddenly lost one of our beloved friends and colleagues Katie. We wanted to dedicate a blog post to her just to share with the world just how much she meant to us and to share with you all about the incredible work she did with cats.

Katie first joined CP Bridgend over 10 years ago as a cat carer, she had come and gone as an employee over the years pursuing other ventures such as veterinary nurse work, however at the end 2016 she joined us again for 3 months. Katie always volunteered at the centre in helping with the trapping and neutering of feral cats. She often fostered the feral kittens in her own home taming them and bringing them to the centre to find true forever homes. Not only did Katie do this in her own time outside of work she also spend her holidays over in Greece (particularly Rhodes) with a welfare charity trapping and neutering the ferals and strays over there.

Katie loved Greece so much she even got married there in 2015 and her 2017 plan was to move out there with her husband (and animals!) and work with the cats.

Although Katie's passion was working with cats, Katie loved all animals and was an advocate for the wellbeing and lives of all creatures great and small. Every animals life mattered to Katie and she would actively stand up for their rights and was vegan.  
Katie also loved to help out other people too, she often helped those less fortunate in any way she could.


We all have special memories of Katie and she will be truly missed by us all. You only had to meet Katie once for her to make an impact on your life.

Her radiant personality and positive outlook will inspire us all to continue our work with the same passion and energy that Katie had.