Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Older Cats Need Love Too!

A lot of our cats are over the age 7 and are often overlooked due to this. They are often our longest stayers due to kittens and younger cats being favoured despite them being in tip-top condition and often not having any health problems! Cats can live into their 20's these days with better quality food, lifestyle and vet treatments available.

Cheeky Chops - currently available for adoption!

Often cats that are a little older we find tend to have great personalities, are generally very settled in life and make for awesome lap cats!

We treat cats on admission for things that older cats often suffer from such as needing dental work so once they have had it they have a Hollywood smile again! As with us humans, the older we get the less active we become so we find the golden oldies enjoy having nice long grooming sessions but don't let that fool you - they also love to play catch with catnip mice and feathers on sticks!

Josie - currently available for adoption

Once a cat is over 12 they are classed as 'geriatric', here are some top tips for keeping your cat comfortable and happy during their Twilight years:

* Nice comfy bed - well padded and warm.

* Somewhere high to perch up - but they may need a box or furniture strategically placed to help them climb if they become a little wobbly on their feet.

* Litter Tray - when the weather gets colder you may find your cat doesn't want to go out much or the ground may be a little too cold and hard to dig! It's always a good idea to keep a litter tray down so your kitty doesn't have to go far to do it's business :)

* Scratching Post - as your cat gets older it may find it difficult to stretch higher up so horizontal scratchers are perfect to get their claws into.

Tommy - aged 15 went to live in his forever home earlier this year :)

 Caring for an older cat brings a wonderful amount of joy, knowing that their wandering days are long gone and they appreciate home comforts and affection. Older cats are often excellent and tolerant of children and are great to sit and fuss with.

If you would like more information on older cats or want to see some of the older cats we currently have up for adoption then please visit our website: http://www.bridgend.cats.org.uk/bridgend/adopt-a-cat